Amida Buddha or God: What’s The Difference?

Author: matthewsatori

Amida Buddha differs radically from the traditional Judaeo-christian concept of God, because of the following characteristics:

1.  Amida Buddha is not a creator, but he is a saviour who performs his compassionate work without any condition whatsoever.
2.  Amida Buddha does not judge or punish man, for man is responsible for his own acts and invites the consequences, good or bad, of his acts.
3.  Amida Buddha does not perform miracles, but he manifests his saving compassion through the rhythm of natural laws.
4.  Amida Buddha is not transcendent, standing outside this world; but he is immanent, for his very being is rooted in the limitations of this world which will be transformed by the power of Amida’s love.
5.  Amida Buddha is not a wrathful or jealous God; rather, the power of compassion fulfilled in his Original Vow completes the promise that he will not rest until all beings attain the same enlightenment, Buddhahood, as himself.
6.  Amida Buddha does not discriminate in any form, whether of belief or creed, moral good or moral evil, human life or animal life, but he embraces all in Oneness with equal warmth.
7.  Amida Buddha does not show his love by the blood of crucifixion, sacrificing his own being, but by making his compassion accessible to mankind through the Nembutsu, his sacred name, which resounds throughout the universe.
Wherever his sacred name, Namu Amida Butsu, is pronounced, there he is.

Amida Buddha is the timeless content of enlightenment (Dharma-body) realized by the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni.  Amida means boundless compassion and immeasurable wisdom.  Immeasurable wisdom sees into the fragility of human life, and boundless compassion is moved by this insight to actively embrace all
life into the timeless fulfillment of truth…


No, not a God of fear and mercy, who is creator and judge; but for me there is
Amida Buddha.  The fullness of compassion covers the horizon of my existential
experience of reality, and my response is the reciting of the name in
humbleness and gratitude, Namu Amida Butsu.

Author: matthewsatori

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