Blues 2.0 by Fruteland Jackson

Author: 400hours

Then: My memories of blues dancing tend to revolve around dark winter nights, when upon entering the dance venue, I would shed my layers of cold-weather clothing and with them, the heavy cares of the week. There, I would dance with names difficult to hear over the sound of music and faces hard to recognize in the dark lighting.

When telling stories of blues dancing, I rarely mention the days of learning, where I would participate in workshops with autumn afternoon sunlight streaming through the windows. Between moments of instruction, we took the time to learn names and faces, to laugh and puzzle over certain steps. At these classes, Fruteland Jackson’s song “Blues 2.0” was a teaching favorite; a song where even the most inexperienced person could pick out the rhythm, and where the more advanced dancers could play around with dancing double-time.

Here’s to the happiness found in dancing.

Now: Uh…the point of this blog is to listen to whole albums again, and now I remember why I generally don’t. I mean no insult to Fruteland Jackson; he has a pleasing vocal tone and is an excellent songwriter. But the Blues 2.0 album is a mix of styles under the blues genre, ranging from folk to early R&B—and I just don’t like folk music. There goes half the album.

Personal favorites are the sexy “I Can Still Rock And Roll”, and the electric-guitar-featuring “Sometimes Bad Man Blues”. And of course, the eponymous title track which shows off harmonies that are somehow both enchanting and visceral.

Author: 400hours

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