Free My Heart of Grief to Love

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"Free my Heart of Grief to Love" is an exceptional book about losing oneself in the trials of life and ultimately finding the path through survival to living again. Join Sandra as she shares her life's journey from her earliest childhood experiences to the events that took her to complete and unimaginable heartbreak and sorrow. Through the pain, emptiness and tears, she begins to question everthing she'd known before. Sheer determination to leave the pain behind and become whole again keeps her going. Learning meditation, finding spiritual peace, the ability to love again and happiness in daily life has been her reward.

Sandra's story is inspirational and empowering. She acknowledges that each person is on his or her own journey through life. It is Sandra's hope that each reader will find in her book the healing, peace, joy and inspiration to overcome challenges.

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Customer Reviews

Wonderful Book

 April 5, 2012
By Rivka
This book takes you through Sandra’s journey in a heartfelt and well-written way. It has touched my heart and given me so much to think about.

I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling through a loss of a loved one, or a loss of any kind. It’s an amazing book!

Free My Heart of Grief to Love

 March 27, 2012
By Tom Kinyon
Outstanding!!!! I can’t find the words to express the many emotions I felt while reading this book. Anyone that has lost a loved one would benefit from reading about the journey portrayed by Sandra. I would recommend this book.

N Kinyon

Inspirational Journey

 September 23, 2012
By norell208
A well written book describing the journey this author took from
the intense pain of losing two children, and other losses in her
life, to a place of healing and wholeness again. As a mother
who has lost a child, I can empathize with the pain of this
tremendous type of loss. I too found my way to healing. Ms. Bernsen’s
book is inspirational and I highly recommend it to those
searching for joy again after suffering through life’s sorrows.

I don’t agree with all she said but this book makes me think!

 May 14, 2013
By Jane Freund
I found this book fascinating on a number of different levels. First of all, I am stunned by how much loss that author has been through and yet continues to move forward in life. I know many others who choose to stay stuck, get bitter, or some combination of the two.

Next, Bernsen’s journey through being active in church to finding her own spiritual path was intriguing. She learned a lot about herself in the process and willingly shared that growth.

Along those lines, I appreciated her willingness to be open and honest about what she has gone through in her life. Such transparency makes the book more interesting and will help others who are going through similar situations.

Finally although I don’t agree with Bernsen on some issues such as psychics, she got me thinking about what I believe and why. I think that learning about something with which I disagree helps with my personal growth and Bernsen’s book did that for me. I highly recommend it!

Free My Heart of Grief to Love

 September 30, 2012
By Linnyw
This book is so well written. Sandra writes just like she was sitting down and talking with you. She has had an amazing journey from so many trials and periods of grief to the next period of her life. I would recommend this book to anyone who has suffered loss to show them that there is life to still experience and joy will return. I have shared her story with many people and they are amazed how far she has come.

Touching and Inspirational

 April 16, 2013
FREE MY HEART OF GRIEF TO LOVE by Sandra Moore Bernsen was a challenging book for me to read since I’ve experienced much of what she has gone through. Life is a challenge and Sandra’s shares her personal journey in a heartfelt and touching manner. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling through loss. It takes much strength and courage to write a personal story like this, and it is worth the trip.

Surviving Loss

 September 9, 2013
By Cherie Magnus
I enjoyed this memoir, especially as it related the author’s childhood growing up in beautiful Montana.

She indeed had a difficult life, and an inordinate amount of tragedy and loss of loved ones. In the Preface she talks about her spiritual beliefs and faith, and I was worried her story would be a tract for them, but the book refrains from pushing any particular philosophy onto the reader. And she didn’t push her attraction to spiritualism and psychics too far for my comfort level.

She begins with the deepest tragedy, the apparent suicide of her oldest child, a 21 year old son, who shot himself one night in the kitchen. She also had lost a baby from birth defects, her mother, her dog, and her husband to cancer. These are the burdens most difficult for anyone to bear, and she writes about her life and how she withstands these events openly.

While exploring lots of areas around these trials, she glosses over the fact that there were always guns in the house, that her son bought several–maybe this goes along with her Montana upbringing–but she doesn’t explore the ramifications of her son having a gun in his pocket as he fixes a snack in the middle of the night. For me, this would have been a chance to meditate on the dangers of rearing children with guns and having them readily available at home, and the subsequent responsibility of the parents.

Despite everything, she had a big stroke of good luck, finally. I wonder what her story would have been like if her boss hadn’t fallen in love with her.
Generally the book is written well enough for me to finish it, although there are typos and un-caught editing errors. What annoyed me the most was the repetition of the beginning event, almost word for word, in its chronological place later on in the story. So I just skipped over it.

It’s hard to review a memoir without reviewing the person’s life as well. I admire her for her strength of character and ability to carry on after unspeakable tragedies. If spiritualism helped her to do that, more power to her. We all take our comfort where we can find it.

(I don’t like the title and I don’t like the cover. I’m glad I selected it from the description.)

Thought Provoking and Helpful

 May 12, 2013
By Catmarie
After reading about the stuggles this author faced I can put my life in perspective and appreciate my childhood. It made me want to be a better person, face challenges with a positive attitude, and know that there is hope for a better future. This inspirational author is sure to make an impact on anyone who is grieving.

Surviving a LIfe of Grief

 May 28, 2014
By JoEllen Claypool
Author, Sandra Moore Bernsen, immediately grabs your heart at the beginning of the book by discussing one of the tragedies in her life. As she goes back in time and starts relaying all of the things she had been through in her life, it makes you wonder how much one person is expected to take. My heart ached for this mother and wife as she shared her whole heart with her readers regarding the confusion, the anger, the unending grief and finally the peace that she was able to find. I LOVED how she took the same scene from the beginning of the book and placed it again in its place on the timeline that she was writing. I thought that was a very unique way to tie it together.

This woman lost everything that mattered to her and she was able to carry on. She searched many different spiritual paths to try to make sense of it all. There were a couple of things that I was able to take away from this book. One was getting a better understanding of how painful and cruel having a holiday to celebrate Mother’s Day could be when you have lost a child. Also, this opened up a rich conversation with my husband, who is a pastor, as to how we can minister to people who had the experiences that Sandra had after the deaths of her loved ones. She didn’t feel that she was supported very well by the churches she attended and in fact felt judged for sharing the things she did. I want to thank this author for helping me to understand the hurt and the hope that happens after someone passes away and bringing to my attention how people in the church can come across and actually push people away rather than drawing them in to where healing should be available.

The book is worth the read and there are several lessons to be learned through it regarding how to help someone through grief and how to keep on keepin’ on when you are left on your own to process the grief in your life.

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