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Dario Argento is god!

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 on July 13, 2007
By M.
Its so hard to pick a favorite Argento film but there is no doubt in my mind “Opera” would be a definite contender and does not deserve some of the negative reviews I’ve heard about it.I really don’t think a lot of people understand this movie,and can see why,some of the story/plot is a little vague and needs multiple views to fully understand. The camera work in this movie is some of the best I’ve ever seen(and thats saying a lot considering I’ve seen almost every other Argento flick)and not to mention it is some of Dario’s goriest work.

Truly Beautiful and Breathtaking

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 on January 5, 2002
By Jim K.
I’m almost at a loss for words… Like others, I didn’t think anything could top “Suspiria” but in my opinion, this one does. The two-disc (DVD and soundtrack CD) is another wonderful Anchor Bay package.

Beautiful Cinematography

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 on December 8, 2008
By Timothy Barker
After seeing Opera for the first time, the impression you get is that it is definitely a case of style over substance as a lot of other reviewers have pointed out. But really if you’ve seen Argento’s previous work you’ll come to recognize this as a trait we all know and love.

Dario Argento….The Horror Film Scientist!!!!!!!!

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 on December 5, 2001
By Kevin Hodge
Don’t expect any “out of your seat jumper”scenes or super gore in this movie,remember,this is an Argento movie and he is one of the few Italian directors that doesn’t have to use extreme gore closeups or hard core death scenes to get your attention.This movie is 2nd to his masterpiece, “Susperia”. Opera is not a slow film with a dragging story line that takes forever to build up.From the opening Argento moves in for the kill and grabs the viewer,and then rocks your brain with bold effects and stunning camera wizardry.I highly reccomend the unrated version with the extra sountrack disc.You just don’t see horror like this any damn more…what a shame.

OPERA is a showcase for all that’s Argento.

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 on July 12, 2001
By Amazon Customer
Dario Argento had been an opera lover for a long time and for a while thought about setting a movie in the world of opera. The result was this grand Argento showcase, OPERA( a.k.a TERROR AT THE OPERA). His last two movies before OPERA which were TENEBRAE(a.k.a. UNSANE) and PHENOMENA(a.k.a. CREEPERS) were a little more focused on the plot than most of Argento’s films. But this time Dario strictly focuses on the style of this movie rather than the substance which is the main flaw of this movie. Had the script been more and better developed this could have turned out to be a masterpiece. But even without a great script it still manages to be a thrilling and technically speaking an imprseeive movie. It features great camera work, great special effects( not to mention gory, one example being a very graphic shot of a person being blowed away by a bullet and it going straight through the eye and out the back of the head and that’s nothing!), and also some great heavy metal music if you are into that. The plot has some similarity to the plot of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. It’s about a young opera understudy(Christina Marsillach) who’s career is given a boost when the star of an opera production of Macbeth mysteriously is run over and she has to sub for her. Thereafter she is pursued by this mysterious psycho and she is forced by the murderer to watch the deaths of her many acquaintances in a cruel and unusual manner… by having needles placed under her eyelids so she can’t close her eyes and she is also tied against something so she can’t escape! With the help of the director of her opera show(Ian Charleson) she starts to track down the murderer and she also ends up finding out why the murderer has been commiting these sadistic acts toward her. It may not be as appealing to non Argento fans but i think his fans will not be dissappointed. It’s a great showcase for Argento’s grand and baroque style. It’s filled with some of his signature elements: graphic violence, heavy metal music, and fancy camera work (keep an eye out for a crane shot of a bird flying around the opera house and the whole flight is seen from his eye and it’s set to a pounding heavy metal song.)Some of the music was scored by Argento’s frequent collaborater Claudio Simmonetti. ALso keep an eye out for Argento’s girlfriend Daria Nicolodi as the manager of the young opera understudy. This was her last collaboration with Dario.

…soundtrack that doesn’t work w/ film–but great movie

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 on April 4, 2002
By J from NY
“opera” is one of argento’s most memorable films, again not because of the needlessly excessive and at times just revolting violence, but because of the real fear and terror that the mysteriousness of the killer generates and his twisted relationship to the ‘protagonist’ female who he physically and mentally terrorizes. obviously this has nothing more to do with realism than any of argento’s other movies–i seriously doubt the killer could get this girl with these things on her eyes THAT many times in all those convenient situations he happens to successfully stalk her in–but this goes without saying for his fans, including myself, and does not bother me. the fascinating thing is the comment argento is making on our relationships to one another and how they are, no matter how superficially convincing the facades may be, not what they seem, and are often rooted in depravity and brutality be it of a mental if not physical kind.

An Eyeful

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 on July 16, 2002
By August West
Argento’s Opera is frustrating to review, on the one hand you can roll out the stock statements decrying bad dubbing/acting, ludicrous plots etc., yet the film has a grotesquely compelling hold on the viewer through enormous attention to the psychologically determined visual detail; the film opens with the entire interior of the Opera House, the key setting of the film, reflected in a Raven’s eye (I won’t give away the significance of the Raven).


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 on November 2, 2001
By Erlingur Ó. Thoroddsen
… Dario Argento’s Opera is nothing less than a wickedly entertaining dark thrillmachine.

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