Philosophish: Balance

So I wanted to kick the blog off with an easy one. This is one of my most solid musings, I settled on this conclusion many years ago and have never since doubted it. The core is as simple as it gets: Everything is a balance.


And when I say that, I mean absolutely, bloody, and seriously everything. Keep your eyes open for it when you go about your life, you’ll see it all the time: too much of either side of anything screws you over. I mean, hell, you can actually be too nice. I had to experience that for myself to believe it. It should be obvious that you can also not be nice enough, though not nearly enough people appreciate that limit.

You can eat too little or too much of anything. Proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, salt, etcetera. That also dictates how I think about food and health: The only certainty is that you should have a varied diet, and never overdo any one aspect. (Note that this assumes a normal body to begin with. I’m sure there are people out there who have specific dietary needs because of genetics or what-have-you.)

Let’s try some tougher ones. Surely you can’t be on time too much? Of course you can! If you’re always ridiculously punctual, you’ll build expectations. One day you’ll be delayed, whether you like it or not, and who knows how people –including yourself – might overreact. Not to mention the mentality it breeds. I’ve only learned to appreciate this recently, but it’s important to be able to think flexibly and go off-plan instantly. And that’s what others want to see in you too: a balance of discipline and flexibility.

Okay, well, can you be too pretty? Absolutely. Imagine if you were indisputably the most beautiful human on Earth. You wouldn’t be left alone for a second. The cameras would devour you, and I hear celebrities don’t universally enjoy that.

Too smart? Ironically, nobody is smart enough to know the answer (As far as I know; That’s double irony) but there’s enough fiction to suggest that unlocking all the secrets of the universe will result in a fate involving any combination of madness, despair, suicide and transcendence into pure energy. Or you might just get bored because there’s nothing more to learn or try.

I could go on, but I feel like this is getting long enough. Let’s turn it into a game. I challenge everyone out there reading this to find something that isn’t a balance. Right now, I believe I will be able to deflect them all, but if it turns out I can’t, then that will be a great learning experience too!

Or perhaps you’d rather agree with me than rise to the challenge. Maybe you can relate to this, and there’s a vital balance in your life that you’d like to tell the world about. You’re on the internet, share away! I’ll be happy to read your thoughts as you have read mine.

Ah, isn’t life wonderful when you enjoy learning?


So quickly, I’m getting great counter-arguments! The best one so far is most definitely wasps. I… really don’t know what purpose they serve. Just get rid of those. Stupid wasps.

Nope. Turns out even wasps have a purpose. Plenty of purpose.


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