She didnt know what persuaded

Author: livvybradford

She didnt know what persuaded her, but she grabbed the unopened and unused case of paints that was gifted to her from Thaddeus Goodman a long time ago. His note was still inside the wooden box. The paints were nice quality and he’d even included brushes for her to use, too. Her brow set angrily and she yanked the thick, white drape covering the window and tossed it onto the floor in the middle of the living area. Opening the case of paints, she dolloped several large blobs onto a pallet. She looked from the pallet to the white ‘canvas’ in front of her and then took one of the brushes and starts splattering colors against the white fabric. She flicked the paint rather violently and as she starts to get more into it, even scoops up bits of paint in her hands and starts to throw them down, letting out several growls of of pent up frustration. The area surrounding her ‘art’ started to get dotted with paint, too but luckily it was just the wood floor and it would wash. By the time she was finished, she was taking several heaving breaths but a sense of relief washed over her. 

She stared down at her completed work with a furrowed brow, unsure how she felt about the splattered mess. Regardless, she felt better; she looked at her hands which were now covered in paint and went to wash up. She returned with a pair of scissors and she carefully trimmed her newly created painting and carefully carried it downstairs to set it out on the table to dry. Liv then began to think back on Thaddeus’ letter that had come with the set of paints. In it, he had advised her to use art as a way to help heal herself. She hadn’t taken him seriously or bothered to try his advice. Now, she understood what he meant. Her eyes drifted back to the paining drying on the table and a heavy breath of relief escaped her, as if all the anger and frustration she’d had pent up inside was released onto the canvas. For once, her mind felt more at peace. Quickly running back upstairs, she changed out of her paint stained clothes and made for the Commons. She wanted to find Markus; she had a lot to update him on. 


(Painting is Jackson Pollack) 

Author: livvybradford

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