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She didnt know what persuaded

Author: livvybradford She didnt know what persuaded her, but she grabbed the unopened and unused case of paints that was gifted to her from Thaddeus Goodman a long time ago. His note was still inside the wooden box. The paints were nice quality and he’d even included brushes for her to use, too. Her brow […]

Low-budget Modeling Paste

Author: naughtycharizard Hi guys! This is gonna be a long post, so brace yourselves!  I was looking around for modeling paste to give my paintings some texture without wasting all of my acrylic paint, but all the stuff the store sells is SUPER expensive and not budget-friendly for art students. I tried to look online […]

The Artist

Author: dementia-by-day Despite my experience working in dementia care, I still make mistakes sometimes. I have learned from them, though, and I tend not to make them again.  I once asked a woman what she “used to do” for a living. She turned to me, confused. “Well, I’m still a nurse!” she exclaimed, surprised that I would […]

thanks for the lift steve

Author: fidgetpoetry i was driving outside of truckeewith a girl who’s lifewas nothing but spare partsand backward ambitionswe were locked in a funnelbarely had timefor each other andthat made us bothugly we broke down about sixtymiles outside of renoso we grabbed a ride from a bikerlooking fellow named stevehe was greasy like our heartsat least […]


Author: ashleyhomemx Descubriendo mi lifestyle favorito. Con una divertida activación realizada el pasado domingo 11 de octubre, los transeúntes que se dieron cita en San Pedro de Pinta, disfrutaron de una mañana con mucha pintura e inspiración. El equipo de Ashley Furniture Homestore Monterrey, se dio a la tarea de introducir sus diferentes lifestyles (Urbanology, […]

So, Who Are the Primary Colors?

Author: snufflemuffin Ok, we’ve established that red and blue are not really primary colors, but who are the primary colors? There are actually two sets of primary colors, equaling six primary colors in total. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I was told that there are only three primary colors when I was in school. What’s this business […]

Francoise Nielly

Author: dk-thrive My Modern Met, Vibrant Palette Knife Portraits Radiate Raw Emotions: With bold strokes and vibrant colors, each of Francoise Nielly’s paintings exude raw emotion. Dabbling in a variety of mediums before settling into painting, Nielly has developed a trademark palette knife technique and with each aggressive stroke of oil paint on canvas, the […]

Bistre technique

Author: r-snie Applied in landscape painting.Landscape, oil on canvas, 15 ¾ x 7 7/8 in.A drawing to evaluate the composition. First applying a layer of paint on the canvas and removing  the excess, making clear some parts. A few days after, the first layer has dried. Start painting

More Blues

Author: melanieducharme More experimenting with using blue, white, and black. I started this one today. It’s going to be titled “A Smart Girl Keeps her Mouth Shut.” I finished this one today. I can’t think of a title: View On WordPress

Painting: Work In Progress “rings”

Author: debdaviesthorkelson This is one of three pieces I’m working on today.For this one (I’ll call it “rings” for now), I painted several layers of acrylic paint on a piece of watercolour paper , scratched some texture into it, then more paint layers. I didn’t have a plan, letting it just come together as I […]

Learning Sketchbook Pro – Combusken

Author: corneliusbrackett Learning Sketchbook Pro – CombuskenSo, my new journey with Sketchbook Pro 7 and all-digital art continues. I decided to do a drawing of Combusken. This is still a valid Pokemon design in my eyes. Why a Pokemon? There are a couple of reasons. First, if you screw one

Today’s Painting Experiment

Author: efjace So I’ve been following along with Len Hand’s tutorials on youtube, and I really like how he explains things. You can’t mention painting tutorials without someone saying ‘Bob Ross’ (even my mom, when I told her about this guy, she was like, so he must’ve studied under Bob Ross huh?)  C’mon, Ross, while […]

Watercolour painting tutorials online

Author: costincraioveanu Watercolour painting tutorials online http://arts.owedia.com/Download painting tutorial videos and Ebooks See the full free tutorial with pictures and more details about the technique. Wet-in-wet watercolor painting techniques for the advanced watercolorist. … indications [of trees, Painting wet-in-wet watercolor technique. How to Paint … I started implying some

Mandarin Fish

Author: judithgale View On WordPress Author: judithgale From around the web   Here’s a look   GRACE IN MOTION: Toronto Dancer & Choreographer Esie Mensah   Happy Birthday my One and Only!   Sander Kleinenberg – Can You Feel It ft. Gwen McCrae   New Post has been published on Want to know   Dance […]

I’ve been working

Author: 30monthstonyaa I’ve been working on a few different things. In my “lazy” time I’ve concentrated on watercolor. Hopefully an interesting project with my sister will arise from that. The rest of the time is divided between painting and organizing an exhibition. Finally after a few years

The Joy of Writing

Author: benditmars It is my firm belief that anyone can write poetry. It is not an art reserved for the learned or the few. Much like painting it can be taught. I want to walk you through a process today much like Bob Ross did in his series, Joy of Painting. We will have colors […]

PAINting: Autumn Landscape

Author: misanthropophage As with my first landscape, I am…pleased with how this one turned out. The paint and I still have yet to learn each other’s languages, but I think we’re getting closer to an understanding. I “groped” the paint again. Although, I believe I managed


Author: yonglingkang I secretly sipped my first taste of beer when I was in the lower primary. It was a stout which my mum left in the fridge.  I only started liking beer after reading comics by Takagi Naoko. Her love for beers are expressed in many chapters of her
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