The African origins of civilization, religion, yoga mystical spirituality, ethics philosophy and a history of Egyptian yoga

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Details the African Origins of Civilization, Religion, Yoga Philosophy, Mysticism and how these informed the emerging civilizations and religions of the ancient world (Greek, Indian, Nubia, Sumer-Mesopotamis, etc.). Three volumes in one. Over the past several years I have been asked to put together in one volume the most important evidences showing the correlations and common teachings between Kamitan (Ancient Egyptian) culture and religion and that of India. The questions of the history of Ancient Egypt, and the latest archeological evidences showing civilization and culture in Ancient Egypt and its spread to other countries, has intrigued many scholars as well as mystics over the years. Also, the possibility that Ancient Egyptian Priests and Priestesses migrated to Greece, India and other countries to carry on the traditions of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, has been speculated over the years as well. In chapter 1 of the book Egyptian Yoga The Philosophy of Enlightenment, 1995, I first introduced the deepest comparison between Ancient Egypt and India that had been brought forth up to that time. Now, in the year 2001 this new book, THE AFRICAN ORIGINS OF CIVILIZATION, MYSTICAL RELIGION AND YOGA PHILOSOPHY, more fully explores the motifs, symbols and philosophical correlations between Ancient Egyptian and Indian mysticism and clearly shows not only that Ancient Egypt and India were connected culturally but also spiritually. How does this knowledge help the spiritual aspirant? This discovery has great importance for the Yogis and mystics who follow the philosophy of Ancient Egypt and the mysticism of India. It means that India has a longer history and heritage than was previously understood. It shows that the mysteries of Ancient Egypt were essentially a yoga tradition which did not die but rather developed into the modern day systems of Yoga technology of India. It further shows that African culture developed Yoga Mysticism earlier than any other civilization in history. All of this expands our understanding of the unity of culture and the deep legacy of Yoga, which stretches into the distant past, beyond the Indus Valley civilization, the earliest known high culture in India as well as the Vedic tradition of Aryan culture. Therefore, Yoga culture and mysticism is the oldest known tradition of spiritual development and Indian mysticism is an extension of the Ancient Egyptian mysticism. By understanding the legacy which Ancient Egypt gave to India the mysticism of India is better understood and by comprehending the heritage of Indian Yoga, which is rooted in Ancient Egypt the Mysticism of Ancient Egypt is also better understood. This expanded understanding allows us to prove the underlying kinship of humanity, through the common symbols, motifs and philosophies which are not disparate and confusing teachings but in reality expressions of the same study of truth through metaphysics and mystical realization of Self.

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Customer Reviews

This is amazing treasure, he backup all of his claim with …

One person found this helpful.
 on April 16, 2015
By joe
This is amazing treasure, he backup all of his claim with clear and irrefutable evidences. It was mind blowing all the similarities between the religions and maat.. im especially going to research deeper into Egyptian yoga. I may even take up a class or two lol

Greatest completed work ever!

2 people found this helpful.
 on April 26, 2014
By Courtland Doughton
I’ve read Dr. Ashby in the past and only the first volume of this set all inclusive in this one book and I know it’s well worth it!

I’m QUITE Pleased

 on March 21, 2016
By PrincessPoetress
I am in love with this book. Very detailed. Well written. Has reference points that can assist with even more research. A must-have for the African Library.

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