The Spirituality of the Cross: The Way of the First Evangelicals

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Binding: Trade paperback Publisher: Concordia Publishing House Date published: 1999 ISBN-13: 9780570053217 ISBN: 0570053218

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  • Paperback: 127 pages
  • Publisher: Concordia College (January 1, 1999)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0570053218
  • ISBN-13: 978-0570053217
  • Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 6 x 0.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 8 ounces

Customer Reviews

Inspired Insights!

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 on January 31, 2001
By Rich Futrell
This book of Gene Edward Veith’s is not a thick tome burdened with theological jargon; it is well-written book on Christian faith and how it influences the living of life. I suppose Veith could have titled the book, The Theology of the Cross: The Way of Lutherans, for he makes a very valid point on how Lutherans are considered the first Evangelicals. In truth, Luther himself preferred the moniker Evangelical Catholic, with catholic being used to mean “universal.”

Eloquent presentation of Lutheranism

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 on July 16, 2001
This is a terrific book for those who’d like a well-thought out, eloquent apologia for confessional Lutheranism. Mr. Veith explains his own pilgrimmage and how he found a spiritual home in the Lutheran church. I’m surrounded by Lutheran churches in my area but have come to a new appreciation of the uniqueness and richness of Lutheran theology and worldview. For those dissatisfied with pop evangelicalism, a seeker-sensitive/church growth approach, and/or charismatism, watch out — this book could well change your outlook and life! Highly recommended.

Explains the unique viewpoint of Confessional Lutherans

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 on September 9, 2006
By Matthew Gunia
Gene Edward Veith, Jr. is a professor of English at Concordia University (Mequon, Wisconsin) and Culture Editor at World Magazine. He is also a man who has had a rough go at finding an adequate Christian denomination. During his earlier years, he had been involved with American Evangelical church bodies, Liberal Protestant church bodies, and others…but finally became a faithful member of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Veith writes this book in part to reflect on his own spiritual journey–to record what most attracted him to Lutheranism. He writes in part to explain what makes Lutheranism unique among the various Christian denominations. He writes in part to members of other Christian denominations because he thinks they can learn a lot from the Lutheran take on various spiritual/doctrinal/practical matters.

Excellent Practical Description of Real Christianity

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 on May 27, 2000
By Eric Arno Hiller
I heard about Dr. Veith’s book in the Lutheran journal “Logia,” which bragged it up. Logia was absolutely on the mark! The book is an honest, deep, and visceral explanation of Christianity, as practiced by true Lutherans.

Learning about Lutheran theology

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 on February 17, 2000
By Jeffrey Brindle
Excellent discussion of Lutheran theology from a profesor of English who takes us on his own spiritual journey that ends with Lutheranism. He favors a Missouri Synod approach, but his thoughts about faith and grace, redemption and sanctification helped me to put my Lutheran faith into perspective. Dr. Veith draws distinctions between Lutheran thinking and both “evangelical” and “catholic” views without being negative about them. I recommend this book to anyone who has questions about Lutheran beliefs who want an easy reading answer. The book is NOT a dogmatic treatise and is suitable for new believers. It could also be very useful for small group or catechetical instruction.

A Scenic Guide To Lutheranism

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 on July 4, 2003
By Mike Mckim
The most influential book of a scholarly view that I have read. Dr. Veith cuts to the crux of issues, explains them out in black and white. Written a everyday language. A must for every Confessional Lutheran and Christians who are feeling a loss with their personal religion . A wonderful companion to my faith.

Colorful Confessionalism

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 on March 2, 2006
By Sean Green
Dr. Veith’s ability to explain the basic tenets of Christian doctrine (Justification, Means of Grace, etc.)is pronounced in this small “gem of literature.” He begins the book by opening himself up to the reader, telling them about his path through the religious arena. In the remaining chapters, he artfully explains the doctrine of Justification, the Means of Grace, the Theology of the Cross, Vocation, living in two kingdoms, and concludes with a summation of the theology espoused in the previous chapters.

Outstanding personal spiritual journey diary

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 on January 25, 2001
By rodboomboom
This well read and articulate author provides the reader with the story of his spiritual journey, using C.S.Lewis’ analogy with entering the house, but not being able to find the right room until he finds the “spirituality of the cross.”

A concise guide to Lutheran theology

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 on July 9, 2003
Veith does an excellent job of condensing the major tenets of Lutheran theology into a book that reads at a layperson’s level. If you are simply curious about Lutheran beliefs or a lifelong Lutheran in need of a refresher course, this book is for you. It is a clear and interesting read, and it is quite brief. (I read it all in one night.) I have had more than one Lutheran pastor recommend this to me as a layperson’s guide to Lutheran beliefs and practices.

Simply Excellent

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 on January 2, 2003
By Walter Snyder
Veith can write with the best of the serious academics, yet his prose is never dull or tedious. Here, in a fairly brief volume, he simply, concisely, and energetically unpacks the fullness of the Gospel, tying it to its glorious past while applying it fully to the problems of today. Pastors, teachers, and other church workers will benefit from its reading while the average “person in the pew” or even “enlightened enquirer” stand to gain much from this book.

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